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DrillMeister TID-M modular drill bodies tackle the challenges of unstable drilling conditions and poor quality holes caused by traditional long-flute exchangeable-tip drills.


Tungaloy has introduced DrillMeister TID-M modular drill bodies that are to be used in combination with its TungFlex modular tooling system.

Incorporating the performance of a solid carbide drill with the efficiency of an exchangeable-head system, DrillMeister carries five different geometry options of exchangeable drill heads, including general-purpose DMP and high-precision DMC, which enable the machinists to use the optimal drill tip according to the requirements of the hole dimensions and quality.

New TID-M modular drill bodies feature an extended-length shank that carries a DrillMeister drill head at the tip and a threaded end on the other that is assembled to any toolholder of the Tungaloy’s TungFlex tooling system. In addition, TID-M bodies boasts a thicker core diameter, compared with a typical exchangeable-head drill with helical flutes.

These unique features make the tool quite effective when opening holes in long-reach areas, such as the flange section close to the shoulder, where the risk of tool collision with the component is a great concern. The modularity of TungFlex tooling system provides the tool with not only the ability to tailor optimal assembly lengths but also zero setup time and reduced machine downtime. In addition, a thick core provides the tool with enhanced stiffness and stability, and when combined with a high-rigidity Tungflex carbide shank, the tool brings process security without compromising on cutting data during a challenging drilling operation that requires a long tool overhang.

TID-M modular drill bodies can carry any style and size of the standard DrillMeister drill heads, providing machinists with flexibility to address a broad range of material groups and machining requirements.

With 39 total items being introduced, TID-M modular drill bodies are available for either 2xD or 3xD hole depth. The 2xD drill bodies offer drilling diameters ranging from 6.0 to 14.9 millimeters (from .236 to .587 inches), while 3xD from 6.0 to 18.9 millimeters (from .236 to .744 inches).

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