Aluminium Casting News

Die casting is just the beginning

Die casting processes can often deliver products that can be used “as cast”, i.e. no additional manufacturing activities are required, and the parts are immediately ready for use. Nonetheless, there are situations where supplementary treatments are necessary to optimise the casting’s performance and capabilities. In these instances, opting for a ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier that performs both die casting and post-cast operations is the most efficient and reliable solution.

Walter Tools News


Walter is expanding its range of X‧treme Evo drills up to 30 × D.

Doosan Machine Tools News

[New Product] XC 4000-2SP

XC 4000-2SP is a 12000r/min high speed direct-coupled 2-spindle machine that boasts doubled production efficiency compared to single spindle machines.

Seco Tools

Overcoming Process Uncertainty to Reduce Scrap and Rework

Product quality is a key performance indicator for manufacturing businesses. Many workshops believe that achieving quality-standard certifications such as ISO, NADCAP and API affirms the quality of their work. In reality, the standards do not fully focus on how to make acceptable finished workpieces, but rather concentrate on establishing procedures for rejecting bad parts

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