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Xiris Releases XVC-750: Setting New Standards in Open Arc Welding

Xiris Automation has introduced the XVC-750, a weld camera with a 140+ dB High Dynamic Range in the Near Infrared spectrum, specifically designed for Gas Metal Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding processes, aiming to revolutionize welding automation.

Xiris Releases XVC-750: Setting New Standards in Open Arc Welding

Meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with welding automation equipment, the XVC-750 enhances operator safety and efficiency by providing operators with a crystal-clear remote view of the welding process for Open Arc Welding processes during set up or run-time.

Its outstanding image contrast of the melt pool and cooling weld bead enables advanced Machine Vision analysis to make precise geometric measurements and defect detection of features in the weld process.

AI-Powered Precision for Industry 4.0: The software supporting the XVC-750 uses cutting-edge AI tools, enhancing defect detection capabilities and contributing to Industry 4.0 modernization. This intelligent integration further positions the XVC-750 at the forefront of advanced welding technology.

Advancing Welding Automation: In the evolving landscape of welding technology, the incorporation of weld cameras such as the XVC-750 that can measure, and track welding features is becoming increasingly vital.

Xiris recognizes this need, and the XVC-750 stands out as a solution that not only provides excellent images for Machine Vision tasks but also allows for the measurement and tracking of crucial welding features.

Ideal for Automated and Robotic Welding Systems: The XVC-750 is ideal for automated and robotic welding systems. Its compact design, robust connectivity, variety of angled optics configurations, and compatibility with different lenses make it a versatile choice for many welding applications.

Xiris Releases XVC-750: Setting New Standards in Open Arc Welding

Defect Detection and AI Integration: The XVC-750 provides an enhanced image specifically for detecting weld defects using AI defect detection techniques. Defects that can be detected include wire feed issues, torch to seam alignment, burn-through, contamination, porosity, and lack of fusion.

The XVC-750 emerges as an excellent camera choice for production welding equipment and integration into most types of weld automation systems, particularly for GMAW and GTAW processes.

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