Automated Gearwheel Optical Measurement

Gearwheel manufacturers are well aware that accuracy in production is a key factor. The closer the real profile of the teeth is to the theoretical profile, the better the quality of the gearwheel in terms of performance: vibrations, noise and wear over time are all reduced.

Gearwheel Optical Measuring Machine
Inspecting the gearwheel is a common, yet very important operation. The features to be inspected are often recurrent.

With this Metrios guide learn how ad hoc intuitive instrument can help for the dimensional inspection of the gearwheel: automatically detects the typical measurements of a gear, such as the external diameter, internal diameter and mean diameter, as well as the number of cogs, the module, cog thickness and the roll dimensions.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, download our guide "Dimensional Inspection on the Shopfloor - Gearwheels".

Discover how our optical measuring system is able to guarantee you precision and efficiency.

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