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Seco Innovates Jetstream Tooling for ISO Turning Operations

Seco has expanded its industry-leading Jetstream Tooling® solutions with new toolholders, coolant clamps and shank adapters that together optimize turning operations. The ISO turning toolholders feature coolant clamps with Seco’s JETI (Jetstream Integrated) technology, as do the VDI machine-side shank adapters. The JETI technology keeps machines up and running while effectively controlling chips and heat generation.

Seco Innovates Jetstream Tooling for ISO Turning Operations

While the new toolholders provide internal coolant flow, they can still be used with external coolant hoses. Seco’s internal JETI technology channels coolant directly from the machine tool into the tool holder and out through the new coolant clamps. Because the clamps are made by additive manufacturing, their internal coolant channels are optimized specifically for turning applications to stabilize control of chips and tool life on a new, higher level. The clamps also allow for quick and effortless insert changes with the turn of only one screw.

With Seco’s new range of VDI machine-side shank adapters, those manufacturers with VDI-type turning machine turrets can now also benefit from Seco Jetstream Tooling® capability. The new adapters give shops the high levels of productivity and long tool life that come as a result of using high pressure coolant.

The ISO turning holders are available in square shank size 2020 and 2525, and the initial range of holders encompasses 28 items. Adapters are either left or right hand for VDI size 30, 40 and 50 turrets, come in star mount style for VDI size 30 and 40 turrets and accommodate square shanks in 20mm and 25mm sizes.

For more information on Jetstream Tooling®, please contact a local Seco representative or visit our Jetstream Tooling® product page.

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