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Seco Jabro®-Mini JM500 Delivers Visible Improvements for Micromachining

With the Seco Jabro®-Mini JM500 line of more than 180 micro end mill products, production facilities effectively and reliably machine small and nano-sized parts that are often too small for the machining operation to be easy to see. The end mills ensure process control along with predictable cutting-tool performance for these challenging micro applications, typically found in demanding industries such as aerospace, medical and 3C (computers, consumer electronics, communications).

Seco Jabro®-Mini JM500 Delivers Visible Improvements for Micromachining

The optimized grade, geometry and coating of the Jabro®-Mini JM500 line generate outstanding surface finishes on parts made from diverse materials, including steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant super alloys and titanium. The geometries incorporate 30-degree helixes and 3-degree rakes, offered in two, three and four-flute versions of torical and ball-nose styles. An all-round carbide grade with polished SIRA coating helps these tools further excel in machining the targeted tough materials at the lowest possible cost per edge.

Jabro-Mini JM500 end mills come in DMM 4mm and DMM 6mm shank diameters, seven different overhang lengths from 2 to 20* DC, and in 0.2mm to 3mm flute diameters. With such a wide selection, users can separate part processing into stages and use the shortest-possible tool overhangs at each stage to minimize the risk of tool deflection, potentially saving up to 50 percent of machining time and increasing feed rates.

For more information on the Jabro®-Mini JM500 line, please contact a local Seco representative or visit our Jabro®-Mini JM500 product page.

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