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Seco Expands Productivity With New Larger Inserts for High-Feed Milling

Seco Tools introduces new larger LP09 inserts designed to boost productivity and process security with the company's High Feed 2™ cutter bodies. The new inserts are designed for high-feed milling operations including face, helical interpolation, slotting, side milling, pocketing and plunging, in challenging workpieces such as the sticky materials often found in the mould and die, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.

Seco Expands Productivity With New Larger Inserts for High-Feed Milling

Extending the existing High Feed 2™ milling family, the new LP09 inserts combine higher insert-corner strength with dual cutting edges. The cutter bodies feature stronger reinforced cores and more teeth per diameter for increased feed rates and faster material removal rates. During high-feed milling, the optimized flutes of the Seco High Feed 2™ cutter bodies evacuate chips quickly and efficiently.

The rectangular shape of the LP09 inserts along with the closer-pitched cutter bodies help extend tool life beyond that of square inserts. Cutter-body pockets ensure consistent and precise insert positioning/seating when indexing, while high-strength screw clamping holds inserts securely in place.

Seco Tools LP09 positive inserts are available in a full range of grades, including D12, MD15, M13, ME08 and E08. High Feed 2™ cutter bodies range in size from 1.250 inches to 4.00 inches and from 25mm to 100mm.

For more information on the LP09 inserts, please contact a local Seco representative or visit our LP09 inserts product page.

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