norelem Springs In with Customisable Stainless-Steel Gas Springs

Global standard components manufacturer and supplier norelem has expanded its range of steel gas springs with a new stainless-steel addition. The corrosion-resistant components are, amongst other industries, highly suitable for food manufacturing.

norelem Springs In with Customisable Stainless-Steel Gas Springs
Gas springs are widely used across a variety of industries. Their main purpose is to control the movement and braking of masses with minimal effort - for example, with the opening, closing and adjusting of lids, hatches or hoods.

norelem’s new stainless-steel gas springs comes just as costly recalls have hit manufacturers in recent years. In 2016, a potato recall due to metal contamination cost a leading potato manufacturer nearly £600,000, while another pastry manufacturer had to pull 59 different pastry items from shelves due to metal wire contamination.

To minimise the possibility of corrosion-related contamination, the gas springs use piston rods made from 1.4305 grade stainless-steel, and the pressure tube from 1.4301 grade stainless steel.

The oil within the gas spring’s cylinder is also compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact), which means they can be used in food processing sectors.

“One of the biggest costs worldwide to both society and economies is contaminated foods, with huge implications from food poisoning and product recalls. For food manufacturers, compromising on machinery safety is a non-negotiable,” says Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem.

“We aim to help food manufacturers be as safe as possible. Our new range of stainless-springs not only use oil that is tested and safe, but they are also corrosion resistant to prevent metal contamination.”

The new components are maintenance-free over their entire lifespan. They are suitable for operating temperatures of between -20°C and +80°C, making them highly versatile for other engineering and manufacturing industries.

Additionally, the springs are also customisable. They can be filled according to specification to the required gas pressure and delivered ready-to-install. If necessary, the extension force can be subsequently decreased if necessary through an integrated filler valve.

The standard range of gas springs are available with piston rod diameters of 6mm to 14mm and a travel of 40mm to 400mm. For ease of installation they have threads on both ends, with numerous stainless-steel connecting and fitting elements available that make the gas springs universally applicable.

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