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Seco Tools Expands Range of Full-Profile Precision Threading Inserts

Seco Tools has introduced 13 new full-profile threading inserts for internal UNJ and MJ thread profiles. Now a full range of UNJ and MJ thread profiles is available for both external and internal application. These inserts feature extremely tight-tolerance profiles to generate even higher-precision threads in stainless steels and heat-resistant nickel-based and titanium alloys.

Seco Tools Expands Range of Full-Profile Precision Threading Inserts

In addition to tight profile tolerances, the inserts deliver increased tool life. Aerospace manufacturers especially will appreciate how these new inserts boost process consistency and profile accuracy. At the same time, these manufacturers can choose from an all-encompassing range of Seco threading inserts.

To prevent the formation of hazardous, tangled curly chips that can stall production, the new inserts pair with Seco holders featuring the company's Jetstream Tooling® high-pressure directed coolant technology. These holders deliver a concentrated high-pressure, high-velocity jet of coolant directly to the ideal position close to the cutting edge, adding the ability to guide and steer chips in specific directions away from the cutting zone.

Jetstream Tooling® can break tough threading chips when machining parts from titanium and similar materials, which yields increased tool life. When threading steel and stainless steel, this improved chip control can mean 30 percent to 60 percent higher cutting speeds with no compromise in thread surface quality.

For external and internal applications, UNJ thread profiles work with inch threads while MJ thread profiles provide the corresponding metric versions.

For more information on the UNJ and MJ thread profiles, please contact a local Seco representative or visit our UNJ and MJ thread profile product page.

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