SIC Marking

SIC Marking at the cutting edge of innovation

An important event was organized in Lyon on the 20th of November by CARA (the European Cluster for Mobility solutions) : the 4th edition of Automotive Techdays.

SIC Marking at the cutting edge of innovation

SIC Marking has been selected as one of the most innovative players in the Automotive sector. They presented an All-in-one compact laser marking solution with a micro safety enclosure. This flexible solution is compliant with automotive standards. Options include an embedded 3D measuring system answering to the new Industry 4.0 trend.

This innovative system has been developed by the R&D team thanks to the Operational Excellence program and offers many advantages for their customers :

- Enhance productivity thanks to quicktool changeover, shorter marking time,

- less production waste

- Cost savings: compact footprint, low maintenance, fewer consumables,

- 100% real-time quality control and increased reliability

- Permanent marking on lightweight materials: steel/composite/aluminum/
additive manufacturing/plastics

SIC Marking at the cutting edge of innovation

SIC Marking is an international company developing innovative permanent marking solutions and automated identification for the complete traceability of industrial components. For over 30 years, SIC Marking has engineered a full range of technically superior marking machines in dot peen, scribing and laser technologies.

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