DFI, APLEX and Data Image Present Three Eye-Catching Smart Themes at Embedded World 2020

Optimized smart systems deliver the benefits of software and hardware integration.

DFI, APLEX and Data Image Present Three Eye-Catching Smart Themes at Embedded World 2020
With the rapid progress of AI, IoT, and big data, new emerging innovations applied to various fields will foster continuous expansion of global smartization opportunities. At Embedded World 2020, Qisda Business Solutions Alliance (Qisda BSA) members, including DFI, APLEX and Data Image, will be on hand to showcase their robust embedded systems and products for smart factories and smart transportation as follows:

AIoT Connects All Corners of a Factory - AI machine vision improves production line performance

Nowadays, the smart factory is in the spotlight of global manufacturing. AIoT Smart Factory solutions developed by DFI can further integrate and enhance existing manufacturing systems. Through the integration of AI and IoT, AIoT smart factories are now a possibility and DFI’s solutions take full advantage of factory infrastructure, including automated machines, equipment and electricity, and connect them to management systems for enhanced productivity. At Embedded World, DFI will be demonstrating a production line that will showcase factory access control with high performance facial recognition, production line activities operated by high-end HMI, and an AI visual defect inspection solution with high performance computing and PoE machine vision.

Besides the plant-wide smartization structure developed by DFI, the high computing performance offered by APLEX AI machine vision solutions enable manufacturers to run 3D inspections on products to detect defects for improved quality. Meanwhile, if production lines require enhanced computing performance, the high scalability of the solution allows the addition of graphic interface cards and line performance upgrades.

Smart In-Vehicle System Ensures Driving Safety- Transmission of driving information to cloud for real-time management
A transportation system is the core of any city’s operation and drivers and pedestrians are its key stakeholders. As a result, easy-to-access and complete road information provided by smartized technologies has become an important component of smart transportation systems. DFI will present a simulated bus scenario that presents information such as passenger smart card alighting and exiting data, peak/off-peak hour service status, and driver driving behavior. Besides capturing images through a camera, a series of in-vehicle systems consisting of in-vehicle computers, bar-type computers, and dash cam monitoring system also enable real-time data transmission to the cloud for analysis. Real-time decisions can be made when necessary to ensure driving safety.

In-vehicle computers presented by DFI feature exceptional heat dissipation capabilities and are certified for shock resistance and by E-Mark, which provide greater stability and reliability when operating under harsh conditions. As a testament to their robustness, DFI’s in-vehicle computers have been adopted by police forces in Europe for use in their vehicles. Meanwhile, Data Image will reveal its exclusive round displays for smart transportation for the first time, with sizes ranging from 1.3-inch to 5-inch.

Excellent Stability and Performance- Optimal systems developed for special requirements
In rugged and featured products, DFI, APLEX and Data Image will collaborate to show solutions designed for special environments/industries including warehousing, food services, and the marine industry. For the marine industry, the maritime electronics displays developed by Data Image can resolve high power consumption experienced by current marine displays. Visitors can view the differences in drive voltage from the local dimming data at the exhibition.

On the other hand, APLEX has also launched optimized solutions for petroleum and mining, warehousing and logistics, and food manufacturing and processing. Its ATEX explosion-proof application solutions are certified to be operated in explosion-prone environments. These solutions are ideal for harsh and hazardous environment found in the petroleum, mining and gas, and chemical industries, and can improve productivity and reliability as well as ensure environmental safety. What’s more, APLEX offers smart warehousing dual-display in-vehicle computers for engineering vehicles and forklifts. Through synchronization between in-vehicle computers and the central control room, APLEX’s solutions can enhance the performance of warehousing and logistics management, real-time dispatch, remote monitoring, fleet management, PSI warehouse operation control and vehicle track monitoring. They help increase the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse and logistics management and effectively save labor costs. For food manufacturing and processing industry, APLEX offers EN 1672-2 certified food-safe industrial computers. The computers are food-safe certified and can be applied to automate food manufacturing to avoid contamination and ensure safe operations to meet exacting hygiene and safety standards.

Information about the exhibition:
We cordially invite you to visit DFI, APLEX and Data Image booth at Embedded World 2020 to witness how they are assisting global enterprises in meeting their goals with hassle-free smart solutions.

Booth No. Hall 2 / 2-411, Nuremberg Exhibition Centre
(25-26 February: 09:00 - 18:00 / 27 February: 09:00 - 17:00)

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