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IO-Link Adds Flexibility and Control to Capacitive Smart Sensor 

 Newest Balluff Capacitive Sensor Operates in IO-Link or Standard Mode.

IO-Link Adds Flexibility and Control to Capacitive Smart Sensor

Balluff designed its new block-style capacitive smart level sensor with IO-Link for applications with highly conductive fluids like acids and bases, using smart level 50 technology to compensate for foam and deposit build up. And thanks to its IO-Link interface, it delivers expanded application and setting options.

IO-Link’s automatic parameter setting allow the user to see the upper and lower hysteresis values allowing easy and precise adjustments that aren’t possible with a potentiometer. Once unplugged, the sensor goes into standard I/O mode (SIO).

“This IO-Link version is a good addition to an already great portfolio of sensors,” said Jack Moermond, engineering partner manager with Balluff. “The addition of IO-Link provides more flexibility and more control. It is great for those who are using IO-Link in their applications, but it also can be preset with IO-Link and then used in standard mode.”

This capacitive sensor reliably detects fluid levels through non-metallic containers up to 10 mm thick, making it well suited for a wide variety of industries including packaging, food and beverage, metalworking and general factory automation.


  • Detects levels through walls of non-metallic containers up to 10 mm thick
  • For highly conductive media such as acids and bases
  • Compensates for foam and residues using smart level 50 technology
  • Operating modes: standard I/O mode (SIO), IO-Link mode

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