Cash-flow support programme for NSK linear motion products

NSK has introduced a cash-flow support programme based on a flexible stocking initiative for frequent-demand linear-motion products. Customers taking advantage of the scheme, which includes NSK’s extensive range of high-quality linear guides and ball screws, will be able to reduce their own stock and boost vital cash flow.

Cash flow is crucial to the success of any business in order to pay expenses, suppliers and taxes, and to make investments. Tying up cash by holding stock on site can therefore prove restrictive, which is why NSK is looking to help its customers save time and money with a new initiative for linear-motion products.
The NSK cash-flow support programme ensures customers can receive short-term release of frequent-demand linear-motion products and, in turn, reduce stock levels. To provide delivery flexibility, customers can choose between monthly plans using a forecast sent to NSK, or a strategy based on an annual demand quantity with estimated releases by month.

For customers preferring the monthly forecast, a rolling projection can be sent to NSK once a month. NSK will then manufacture and hold stock based on the supplied forecast quantity – released over a 12-month period.

With the annual demand option, customers can send a total demand quantity for the year, with assumed release quantity by month. In this case, NSK will produce and keep stock based on assumed monthly demand, again released within 12 months.

Both options mean there is stock on hand ready for immediate shipment, making it possible for customers to spread out their delivery dates in line with specific demand. Moreover, cash is not unnecessarily tied up in warehouse stock on site. This cash can instead be retained in the business where it is needed most.

NSK linear guides and ball screws are included in the company’s new cash-flow support programme

Cash-flow support programme for NSK linear motion products


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