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New generation aluminum titanate products for aluminium foundry

With a new generation of electric cars requiring different production techniques and technologies, the automotive industry is in a fundamental process of change characterised by ongoing development. Standard solutions are often not adequate anymore and suppliers need to adapt their products accordingly. With its customised ceramic component solutions for the non-ferrous molten metal industry, CeramTec supports the automotive industry on its way towards e-mobility.

New generation aluminum titanate products for aluminium foundry
CeramTec aluminum titanate components, including suction tubes, riser tubes and nozzles. Copyright: CeramTec

Using its advanced ceramic material aluminum titanate (ALUTIT), the company manufactures components that are used in foundries for the production of lightweight aluminium car parts. “Weight reduction is crucial for viable e-mobility solutions and the make-up of compact e-drives, for example, is very different to the conventional combustion engine with a multitude of parts. We therefore see increasing demand for customised products that we develop in cooperation with car manufacturers in order to come up with the perfect fit for their requirements and moulding concept,” explains Stefan Vollborn, Account Manager Industrial Applications at

CeramTec. “Our ceramic components are the connector between the liquid metal and the mould – be it for gearbox, engine box or structural parts – and basically enable transporting the liquid aluminium within the machine. We specialise in high-quality products to ensure a minimum scrap rate and, ultimately, help our customers achieve high productivity and low machine downtime.”

As the result of decades of ongoing refinement, CeramTec’s ALUTIT material optimises the natural properties of aluminum titanate such as resistance to thermal shock, which is crucial for the extreme conditions found in non-ferrous molten metal applications with temperatures of up to 1,000 °C: “ALUTIT exhibits unparalleled thermal shock behaviour and, importantly, also shows above average durability which is key for our customers as a longer lifetime of such wear parts means less machine maintenance and cost,” says Stefan Vollborn.

Apart from its specialised aluminum titanate products co-developed with customers according to their specifications, CeramTec also manufactures standard foundry components such as riser tubes and aluminium casting nozzles.

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