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In these times where trade fairs are few and far between and direct contact with the customer is much more difficult, innovative approaches are required to reach our target groups. In light of this, the CERATIZIT group has developed a new presentation format that provides its customers with the ideal mixture of information, entertainment and interaction, all in a stylish TV-show format. ‘CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!’ is due to launch on 26 November 2020.


What’s the idea behind it?

Viewers can look forward to a 75-minute show which aims to inform and entertain at the same time. The main characters will be the cutting tools, but the audience will also be given lots of interesting glimpses behind the scenes at the tool manufacturer. For example, there will be a live link to Paris for the opening of the new Innovation Center, where the innovative High Dynamic Turning technology and FreeTurn tools will be developed in future.

Live links to the machine

Of course, we will be using this opportunity to send a few chips flying. The viewers will be given exclusive insights into the machine, which will be used to machine a complex component using the revolutionary High Dynamic Turning process. Since advances are constantly being made in HDT, the audience can also find out about the current state of affairs – including the very latest news, which, until now, has been ‘top secret’.

Fascinating exchange of knowledge

As well as HDT and FreeTurn, ‘It’s Tool Time!’ will be dedicating plenty of airtime to other topics. For example, experts will be on hand to explain what methods can be used to make production processes more efficient. A must-see for all manufacturing companies whose processes have not yet been exploited to their full potential. This information is sure to be helpful for viewers, particularly at the moment when there is an increased need to focus on sustainability.

Want some more in-depth insights?

Since there is not enough time to discuss FreeTurn and the product innovation in detail without overrunning, CERATIZIT will also be broadcasting two 45-minute ‘insight’ programmes after the 75-minute ‘CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!’ show. These allow ample time for discussing every topic, always with the winning combination of in-depth information and entertaining TV-show presentation. It’ll be well worth tuning in!

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