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Launching of the new Automatic Chuck Changer Option of PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC

Doosan Machine Tools releases the new Automatic Chuck Changer Option of PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC.

Launching of the new Automatic Chuck Changer Option of PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC

Doosan Machine Tools Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jae-seop, is set to release the PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC model equipped with the automatic chuck changer option, which improves upon the automatic tool exchange capability of the large ram-type vertical turning center developed with the technical prowess of the Doosan brand PUMA. The PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC will provide productivity greater than ever with automatic tool change, plus automatic chuck changer option, by applying the Capto tooling system. It is a large ram-type, fixed cross rail vertical turning center with table sizes of 1000mm and 1250mm.

High productivity
With the single wide column applied, the PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC has a machining area with a diameter of 1250 mm/1600 mm and a height of 750 mm/950 mm by securing a transfer distance of 1700 mm on the X-axis (left/right -700/+1000mm, based on PUMA VTR1216FC) and 900mm on the Z-axis. Workpieces weighing up to 8 tons can be loaded on to the machine. Workpieces can be machined strongly and accurately using materials with a more stable structure and high stiffness. Stable clamping is guaranteed even for strong heavy-duty cutting due to the adoption of and the fifth-largest global machine tool maker brand in the world curvic coupling, which ensures a tool clamping force of 8 tons, and higher productivity can be achieved using a wheel-type tool magazine that can accommodate up to 60 tools.

Fixed cross rail type
The PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC realizes strong cutting and high stiffness optimized for a maximum machining height of 750mm/950mm due to the adoption of a solid wide column and a box guide way structure based on the fixed structure of the cross rail, and a ultra-hard ram-type spindle that guarantees excellent durability. The combination of an integrated bed and a dual chip conveyor, which secures the chip removal path to left and right, ensures smooth chip removal.

Maximizing automatic tool change

With the new PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC, the tool change time has been reduced and the number of available tools has been increased by adopting an automatic Capto head index consisting of a wheel-type tool magazine, with which 2 Capto tools and 30 tools can be fitted and used in the vertical and horizontal directions, respectively. In addition, various Capto heads can be changed automatically. The PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC also improves the machining efficiency of large workpieces because of using a function that enables the user to select the TTC direction (left or right) with the M code, so it could be easy the TTC direction change,

150 bar high pressure coolant and multiple sealed covers
The PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC is equipped with a 150-bar high pressure coolant to prevent malfunctions and defective machining that can occur when long chips get stuck inside the machine or scratch the workpieces during the heavy-duty cutting of steel materials. As a result, it is easy to remove chips and prevent them from sticking to the tool, further contributing to high-productivity and high-precision machining. In addition, sealed-type multiple covers with a compact structure, which covers the upper part of the spindle and the entire machining area, are provided as a standard to prevent the scattering of the dust generated during machining and high-pressure coolant, thereby maintaining a pleasant factory environment.

Automatic Chuck Change
Due to the increase in the need for machining large and heavy workpieces and unmanned automation, the new model is equipped with an automatic chuck changer that offers a significant advantage over conventional models by allowing other workpieces to be set even in the middle of machining, thereby enabling the machining of large workpieces during unmanned nighttime operation.
The automatic chuck changer is composed of a loader station, a setup station, a parking station, and a spindle receiver unit, in addition to two Φ1000mm chucks. For more information on the specifications and components, please consult your Doosan engineer

Operational convenience
The PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC series offers enhanced operational convenience with a screen composition that considers ergonomic usability, such as feed shaft setting and magazine tool setting. The highly productive PUMA VTR1216 promises joint growth with customer businesses by enabling powerful cutting, the machining of large complex workpieces, and diverse machining works.

Main specifications

Launching of the new Automatic Chuck Changer Option of PUMA VTR1012FC/1216FC

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