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Lantek will be exhibiting its software solutions for the industry at Tolexpo 2021 - Hall 6 - Stand G21. The full range of new features in the 2021 version of the software suite for 2D/3D/Tubing, Sheet Metal and Production Management will be on display, for seamless integration into the ERP/CFAO/Workshop digital chain.


Lantek will participate as an exhibitor at this year’s Global Industrie 2021 in Lyon. This exhibition will mark the resumption of face-to-face exhibitions after several months of restrictions. This major industry event is the largest industrial meeting place in France and will be held from 6 to 9 September 2021 (Hall 6 - Stand G21) at Eurexpo Lyon.

Organized in Lyon in odd-numbered years, TOLEXPO will thus take place from 6 to 9 September 2021 as part of GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, simultaneously with: MIDEST, INDUSTRIE, SMART INDUSTRIES.

As a pioneer in the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal industry, Lantek will be presenting its software solutions specifically for the sheet metal and manufacturing industries in Lyon. As part of its efforts to support the competitiveness of companies in the sheet metal industry, Lantek will primarily present the developments arising from the 2021 version of its software solutions. We can provide you with a sneak preview of the major new features per product.

Lantek Expert V2021 - programming solution for 2D cutting and punching machines

Lantek Expert V2021 is the result of a year’s work to develop multiple new options that make the whole process of cutting, punching and shearing sheet metal parts easier and more automated for its customers.

This version provides the user with brand new options to cut more efficiently and place primers in optimal positions.

Lantek Expert V2021 offers greater flexibility in importing parts, including the ability to DRAG & DROP files, detect and manage duplicate parts, customise columns during import, and increase drawing management capabilities.

New options for destroying parts and skeletons more efficiently have been included, as well as a new option for redistributing parts evenly along the sheet, maximizing skeleton rigidity.

Integration of external 3D CAD solutions has been enhanced with our A2N (Assembly To Nesting) importer, which allows automatic unfolding of most 3D formats on the market, taking into account the tools that will be used to bend the parts, thus avoiding the need to redraw the unfolded geometry.

Lantek Flex3D V2021: solution for tube and profile cutting

The market for tube machines is growing rapidly, which means that new requirements are increasingly being placed on the management of machine devices and new strategies for processing profile/tube formats. Lantek has launched the new 2021 version of Flex3d with all these new requirements in mind.

This new version marks a major step forward in programming any type of profile shape, even irregular ones,with new intelligent tools that will allow the user to easily machine any complex tube format that may appear in the coming years.

The Steelwork module (specifically for companies operating in the steel construction industry) has been completely redesigned, providing a seamless experience for machining tubular and profile parts, with a new unified user interface.

Thanks to the new 64-bit architecture, this new version increases system performance, reducing programming time by up to 15%, and also optimizes nesting efficiency (material consumption) by up to 5%, compared to the previous version.

The new 2021 version incorporates increased stability and flexibility. All this to ensure successful project implementations, covering all major functional areas.

Lantek MES/Integra V2021: Production Management and ERP Solution

Significant interface improvements have been made to meet current application design standards. The addition of a dark mode improves visual usability by reducing eye strain, making it easier to adjust screens to current light conditions and providing comfort for use at night or in dark environments.

Improved integration with Flex3D allows the import of new 3D formats (STEP, IGES, SAT). This improves the quoting possibilities as well as our integration capabilities - Powersync.

Lantek WOS Opentalk - the real-time machine integration mechanism - has been enhanced with new features giving the operator more power and flexibility in their daily work.

Lantek’s scheduling tool - Workload Monitoring - has been enhanced with new options allowing the user to give accurate delivery dates for quotations or orders, taking into account the workload of the workstations, suggesting production dates for each operation accordingly.

Lantek Analytics V2021: SaaS cloud applications for data analysis

Lantek is very proud to launch its first SaaS cloud application: Lantek Analytics. It is a business intelligence tool that analyses historical data (updated daily) from the Lantek database and provides immediate insights that will help its customers make better decisions based on the data. Lantek Analytics can be seen as an organic attribute of Lantek Integra and Manager to analyse the data generated by them.

This cloud-based application will be offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription and will be accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time. It is in fact a kind of ’magnifying glass’ to see what is going on in the factory and to take another step towards the digital smart factory. If you don’t measure, you can’t see if there is progress or not. With over 70 KPIs and 10 filters, it has never been easier to view and navigate your business data, all presented with meaningful KPIs.

Following on from Lantek Analytics and built on the same cloud base, Lantek offers Lantek iQuoting & Lantek Metal Shop, the latest tools for creating quotes simply, quickly and automatically... Thanks to its Cloud platform, anyone in the organisation can create an estimate anywhere, anytime and from any medium (phone, tablet, PC, etc.).

The Lantek Metal Shop is designed for iQuoting customers who also want a web page for quotations and online sales, an e-commerce site that is available 24/7 so that no sales are lost. This online shop is a real opportunity for sheet metal subcontractors who want to free up their sales department’s time from some standard and/or small business. It is also a great way to develop new markets and even target customers that they would not be able to reach without this platform.

At the Global Industrie 2021 exhibition in Lyon, Lantek will be present to welcome all its customers, business partners and companies who want to know more about its solutions. Lantek is planning to set up a DEMO CENTER at its stand to provide a real-life Lantek user experience. "We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors to a trade show after such a long absence due to COVID. It has been a difficult time, but we have learned a lot and are coming out stronger than we were before. New needs have arisen such as the need for compatible solutions for remote and office work. This new situation reinforces our choice to develop a range of Cloud products to meet this new paradigm" says Fouad Benayad, Sales Director, Lantek France. In the past, Lantek has made a considerable effort to develop Cloud-based products. The Cloud is a new paradigm that is gaining exponentially more users and applications. Compared to desktop software development, the Cloud requires different programming languages, in-depth knowledge of the Cloud infrastructure and its services. Lantek has hired a large number of new developers with the know-how and skills to make this happen.

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