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FANUC Demonstrates New ROBONANO and CRX Cobot at SPIE Photonics West 2022

FANUC features its CRX collaborative robot and new ROBONANO α-NTiA diamond turning machine at SPIE 2022.

FANUC Demonstrates New ROBONANO and CRX Cobot at SPIE Photonics West 2022

FANUC America, the world leader in CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs, will demonstrate its CRX collaborative robot and new ROBONANO α-NTiA diamond turning machine at SPIE Photonics West, Jan. 25-27 in San Francisco, in booth #4929.

CRX Collaborative Robot
FANUC’s CRX collaborative robot is an easy-to-use flexible solution for a variety of applications, including machine loading, inspection, packing, and more. Built-in sensors on each axis allow the CRX to work safely alongside your employees without the need for expensive guarding. The CRX can be quickly deployed, integrated into mobile stations, and operate for eight years maintenance-free to help lower costs and maximize productivity.

The CRX cobot includes the latest in automation technology and offers the same high performance and world-renowned reliability as all FANUC products. It supports several of FANUC’s advanced features including iRVision®. Its interactive programming enables users to teach points using hand guidance or a tablet interface with drag and drop icons. Click here to watch the FANUC CRX in a wide range of applications.

At the show, a FANUC CRX-10iA/L cobot will demonstrate a pick and place application. In addition, visitors will be able to try the CRX’s intuitive hand guidance and tablet programming.

Designed for ultimate accuracy, the ROBONANOs are ultra-precise ROBOMACHINE tools offering the ultimate in finish quality for optical surfaces. Available in two models including the ROBONANO α-NTiA for turning applications and the ROBONANO α-NMiA for 5-axis milling and scribing. Our ROBONANO products are made for the most demanding applications in the automotive, biomedical, optics, photonics, and watchmaking industries.

At SPIE, the ROBONANO α-NTiA diamond turning machine will demonstrate turning of a freeform optical mold. The demonstration will highlight the machine’s ability for high-accuracy machining and surface finish.

A world leader in CNC controls, FANUC’s user interface and control principals are known throughout the world. Our ROBONANO line offers a similar interface to our ROBODRILL CNC milling centers, ROBOSHOT plastic injection molding, and ROBOCUT wire EDM machines. We have harmonized interfaces to streamline your employees’ machining skills across production tasks. Both ROBONANO models offer a 0.1 nm programming command resolution, nanometer surface finishes, and extremely accurate freeform surfaces.

The ROBONANO meets FANUC’s standards for quality and reliability, and sets the bar for speed, accuracy, and robust construction. Additional state-of-the-art technologies include the latest FANUC CNC and servo motors, and an HMI screen for operating peripheral devices.

FANUC ROBONANO Features and Benefits

  • Highest quality and shortest machining times for all industries requiring ultra-high precision and surface quality.
  • Available in two models for milling, scribing and turning applications.
  • Offers manufacturers an easy-to-use and high-performance machining solution for mass production.
  • FANUC’s unmatched reliability and lifetime product support.
  • Applies the latest FANUC CNC and servo motor technologies, an oil hydrostatic bearing, linear motors, and an active damping system to maximize performance.
  • Smart M-Setup operating panel is based on the easy-to-use i
  • Variety of intelligent software functions for application specific optimization, providing unmatched ultra-precision machining with high-speed repeatability.
  • Compact design for overall energy conservation and efficiency.

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