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BCN3D announces new partnership with get3D in Poland

BCN3D, a leading manufacturer of 3D printing solutions based in Barcelona, and get3D based in Lodz announced today their partnership agreement to provide the best possible local Additive Manufacturing experience in Poland.

BCN3D announces new partnership with get3D in Poland

get3D Sp. z o.o. has been involved in consulting, implementing, and supplying 3D printing systems and consumables to companies all over Poland for 6 years. As a partner and distributor of world-renowned 3D printers and printing materials, get3D has so far supplied several hundred 3D printers to both small companies and large corporations. The company offers a full product portfolio, installation, implementation, training and technical and content support. A highly qualified and experienced team of certified engineers provides support in the use of 3D printing in the enterprise.

get3D decided to partner with BCN3D for several reasons:
“As a distributor of 3D printing solutions, we carefully watch the global market in this area.BCN3D has long attracted our attention with interesting solutions and consistent development. The decision to cooperate was a logical consequence and all talks and meetings we already had, only made us sure of that. We are very happy that thanks to this we will be able to offer our customers very interesting, complete 3D printing solutions at competitive prices. We want to bring some Spanish sunlight to Poland!” stated by Adam Kozubowicz, CEO of get3D.

As the CEO of BCN3D, Xavier Martínez Faneca is also excited about the collaboration with get3D. “With get3D’s considerable experience in additive manufacturing, combined with their impressive facilities and dedicated team, we’re sure they’ll be a great fit to help us grow and serve clients in Poland.”

The team of get3D sees Additive Manufacturing as a core part in the future of Poland. “Many new machines are being built. In industry, 3D printing can be an important link in maintaining production continuity. Furthermore, it can be a way to produce tools that will speed up, facilitate, and assist in the production of semi-finished products and final products.”

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