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ACCON-OPC-Server UA now with SINUMERIK support Delta Logic releases new version 1.1

In the new version 1.1, the powerful software ACCON-OPC-Server UA of the Swabian specialist for industrial communication now also supports SINUMERIK controllers for machine tools. Another innovation raises the security of previous OPC DA servers to the next level.

ACCON-OPC-Server UA now with SINUMERIK support Delta Logic releases new version 1.1

With the update of the at the beginning of the year published software ACCON-OPC-Server UA to the version 1.1 DELTA LOGIC extends the functional range by two innovations. On the one hand, the server now supports CNC controllers of the SINUMERIK series. On the other hand, version 1.1 enables the migration of older OPC servers from DELTA LOGIC, Softing and Helmholz for Siemens S7 and S5 environments to the new OPC standard Unified Architecture (OPC UA) 1.04 - a big step towards more data security.

The current version now supports the SINUMERIK 840D solutionline, SINUMERIK 840D powerline and 810D powerline and thus offers many advantages:

  • SINUMERIK-controlled machines can be addressed via OPC UA
  • Determining the utilization and availability of CNC machines
  • Monitoring and recording of machine data such as operating mode, torques, power consumption, axis positions
  • Display of the running NC program, number of generated parts and access level
  • Access to tool data like magazine, tool correction data, tool monitoring data
  • Readout of R-parameter, override, number of pending alarms
  • Information for predictive maintenance
  • Data source for monitoring (dashboard) of the machine, e.g. machine status, program status, cycle time, number of pieces, operating hours, OEE

SINUMERIK users also benefit from other highlights. They get a comfortable access to more than 4000 NC variables and user data (GUD) as well as to data of the SINUMERIK PLC. The CNC software itself does not require any modification, nor is a Siemens license necessary.

For users of a "classic" OPC DA server (regardless of the manufacturer) DELTA LOGIC offers attractive upgrade offers. Use and validity of the previous software license remain unaffected; nevertheless, DELTA LOGIC recommends switching to the new standard of the future for higher security and offers a free demo version with a runtime of 72 hours. For users who already use a license of ACCON-OPC-Server UA, the upgrade to version 1.1 is free of charge. More information is available at

Future-proof investment, wide range of applications
ACCON-OPC-Server UA enables secure data transmission between OPC servers and clients as well as S7 PLCs, with outstanding performance. The software supports the OPC UA specification 1.04 and is certified by the OPC Foundation. Like all DELTA LOGIC products, ACCON-OPC-Server UA convinces with great user-friendliness, highest performance and last but not least best customer support.

The support for Siemens SINUMERIK CNC controls now included in version 1.1 and the ability to upgrade quickly and easily from older OPC versions together represent another major milestone and offer users the chance to make their production fit for the future with DELTA LOGIC's Swabianware.

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