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Hexagon launches next generation ultra-high accuracy CMMs

Modular machine configurations optimised for specific applications define the new future-ready Leitz PMM-C platform.

Hexagon launches next generation ultra-high accuracy CMMs

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division announced the launch of its new generation of Leitz PMM-C ultra-high accuracy coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). This series has long set the performance standard across a broad range of precision applications where manufacturers need the highest accuracy and low measurement uncertainty. Now that standard is even higher, thanks to a powerful and simple modular concept combined with new capabilities and performance options.

In measuring labs and now also in precision manufacturing environments, the upgraded series caters for a versatile mix of requirements, from small volume, low sub-micron accuracy applications to high sensor-flexibility, fast throughput and near production inspection.

With six machine sizes starting at 700 x 700 x 500 mm and extending to 2400 x 1600 x 1000 mm, the Leitz PMM-C series can inspect parts of a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Clear configuration choices and enhancement options enable manufacturers to define the measurement system that perfectly solves their individual application needs.

“This new generation of machines is part of a wider transformation of our CMM portfolio towards application-focused models optimally configured for manufacturers’ specific measurement challenges. This began with the successful launch of our new OPTIV multisensor range. And as we announce this innovative new generation Leitz PMM-C series, we have also reconfigured Hexagon’s GLOBAL and Leitz Reference CMMs with capabilities and enhancement options that better address each manufacturer’s application needs today, and as they evolve over the entire lifecycle of their machines,”
 says Joerg Deller, General Manager of Stationary Metrology Devices at Hexagon.

With the new Leitz PMM-C, manufacturers first select a CMM size in one of two base model configurations: the Leitz PMM-C Precision model uses ultra-high precision fixed probe heads to achieve the best possible measurement in high-precision applications with very tight form tolerances, while the Leitz PMM-C Flexibility model – available as an option for medium and large machines – is configured for applications that also require high sensor flexibility.

This model includes an articulating probe head that boosts the CMM’s adaptability to challenging part geometries and applications. Also bundled is the SENMATION sensor automation system that enables the use of various tactile and optical sensors within a single measurement routine.

Hexagon launches next generation ultra-high accuracy CMMs

To address each manufacturer's specific productivity needs, both models include three new performance-enhancing options that can be configured from the start or set up later as upgrades to the in-service machine to meet changing needs.

For higher accuracy in a quality measurement room, Accuracy+ addresses the very tightest part tolerances by reducing the CMM’s volumetric measurement error to the next level of sub-micron accuracy. This option includes an even more accurate Sweet spot measurement volume for mid- and large-size machines that delivers finer accuracy levels when measuring smaller parts or features.​

For manufacturers who want to measure near production, the XT (extended temperature) option allows mid- and large-size CMMs to operate without a costly climate room, but instead directly in a precision production environment with a temperature range of 18-24°C, which is unprecedented for CMMs of this accuracy class.

The Throughput+ option enables manufacturers to reduce measurement cycle times and eliminate inspection capacity bottlenecks to increase production volume. The option activates the CMM’s full measurement speed to achieve up to 20% faster throughput than the standard configuration – best in class among ultra-high accurate CMMs.

Also arriving in the new generation machines are additional features that improve usability and operator safety and reduce energy consumption: Messaging lights on the CMM give operators at-a-glance awareness of the machine’s operating mode, while safe high-speed measurement in CNC mode is ensured by a scanning system that stops the machine when a user or object encroaches upon the protected area. In addition, the new Eco Mode+ reduces compressed air consumption during a typical measurement routine to save energy and operating costs while contributing to more sustainable manufacturing.

Taken together with the wide variety of tactile and optical sensors available for Hexagon’s CMMs, optional 4-axis scanning that allows simple inspection of highly complex parts, enhanced software tools and easy upgradability, the series stands out as the leader in ultra-high accuracy measurement for almost all high-precision, tight tolerance applications. The Leitz PMM-C is a versatile future-proof investment that is adaptable to user application needs now and in the future.

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