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Digital manufacturing technologies help to overcome global hurdles

In the last few years, the global manufacturing industry has faced unprecedented challenges, driving companies to rethink how they can maintain a competitive edge and maximise profitability. In these testing times, how can manufacturers transform their operations to meet customer demands and thrive in today's as well as tomorrow’s marketplace? This is the question that Hartmut Pütz, President - Factory Automation EMEA at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., answers in his exclusive videocast interview “Digital Manufacturing in times of challenges”.

Digital manufacturing technologies help to overcome global hurdles

Companies all around the world have been facing an exceptional number of operational challenges recently. Despite the currently dynamic environment, businesses can still successfully grow, navigating turbulent and uncertain markets by adopting key automation solutions that support increased responsiveness, resilience and profitability.

Based on his extensive expertise and experience in the field, Hartmut Pütz, recommends companies to be proactive in the implementation of data-driven technologies, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins. They are at the core of effective, future-oriented business strategies. In effect, these support digital transformation strategies and unlock key opportunities to generate business intelligence. By gathering, analysing and sharing data from the shop floor, it is possible to determine how processes can be improved, driving productivity, efficiency and uptime.

To quickly enhance operations while optimising capital investments, it is recommended to adopt innovative technologies for smart manufacturing in stages. Therefore identifying the one that are most suited and can deliver the greatest gains is extremely important. A fast-growing number of real-world examples is already showing how companies can develop durable, agile strategies to increase their resilience and competitiveness.

To learn more about how digital manufacturing can enhance the resilience of your manufacturing operations, watch Hartmut Pütz’s interview on the Mitsubishi Electric Videocast here:


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