GF introduces SMART wire monitoring app

To save time managing EDM wire spools and to optimize production, GF Machining Solutions has launched the application Operate + Success.

GF introduces SMART wire monitoring app
By scanning the SMART wire NFC tag, the app can provide all product characteristics.

SMART wire spools are equipped with radio frequency identification (RID) chips to store wire characteristics and traceability-related data like production location, date and lot reference. By monitoring the remaining wire length, interruptions can be avoided and because SMART wire examines the wire technology selected on the machine, it ensures that the correct wire is used.

After introducing SMART wire, Service + Success has taken the next step towards the ease of customers working with wire-cutting EDM by introducing an application to make it possible to access all relevant data for efficient machining from a mobile device and to report issues in an easier way. It is the first time such an application is available and it can be downloaded from the app stores Google Play, Apple Store and Huawei App Gallery.

Relying on the traceability-related data, the new application Operate + Success will allow customers to monitor the SMART wire spool even easier, enable them to share issues with GF Machining Solutions faster, and give customers working in different industries access to the data they need to comply with their industry's standards.

By scanning the SMART wire NFC tag, the application can provide all product characteristics and the remaining wire length. Customers get access to all data related to the last 50 spools scanned. This information, available at the touch of a finger, will help them to select the correct erosion technology and to identify expired spool.

Operation + Success enables customers to share technical issues in a more efficient manner, avoiding losing time and ultimately making a leap in improving their production processes. The cause of the claim they want to make can be selected from a list within the application, which accelerates the solution finding.

Furthermore, with Operate +Success, it becomes easier for customers working in the Medical or Aeronautics industries to respect their industries' standards as they can save the characteristics of each spool used in the production of their parts automatically, instead of saving them manually and risking human errors.

Overall, the launch of the application makes it possible to optimize the wire-cutting EDM production process, and allows for full traceability and quicker problem solving. The results are a significant time gain and an increase in productivity for operators working with wire-cutting EDM.

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