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Developed to meet the specific needs of parting and grooving applications, CoroCut® 2 brings a new level of process security and productivity to your machining.


With the CoroCut® 2, you’ll get the stability you need, while keeping cost per component down and metal cutting efficiency up. The new, patented flashlight technology enables more precise control of the edge rounding. This means lower tolerance, smaller edge rounding and a more even and predictable tool life. A perfect match with the -RM geometry and advanced applications in grade S205.

Upgraded inserts provide cost-efficient machining
CoroCut® 2 inserts are produced with a unique, in-house developed patented technology, resulting in improved edge line quality for superior tool life. Even the smaller inserts now feature the rail interface, which provides a more precise insert position and minimizes insert movement for improved stability. Wiper design on all parting geometries secures an excellent surface finish.

New and updated high-performance grades
New first-choice grade GC1225 provides superior flank wear resistance and edge line toughness and is ideal for all parting, grooving and turning operations in good conditions. Grade GC4425 offers an excellent combination of high wear resistance and good edge security in grooving, turning and parting off operations in stable conditions.

Improved clamping design on precision coolant tools
CoroCut® 2 parting blades are upgraded with internal coolant and with an improved clamping finger design, which provides higher clamping force and better side stability. Tool holders with precision coolant are updated with a screw clamp solution. Combined with the new rigid rail insert seat design, insert movement is reduced to a minimum without any clamping force lost.


  • Geometries covering all parting and grooving applications
  • Grades for a wide range of workpiece materials
  • Tool holders available for all common machines
Cost efficiency
  • First choice for cost-efficient machining in applications where it is possible to use two-edged inserts
  • Two edges provide more tool life per insert compared to one-edged concepts designed for one specific application
Secure and efficient machining
  • Process security and productivity are crucial in parting and grooving — the correct set-up and choice of tools prevent problems from arising
  • The wide offer of geometries and tools with precision coolant makes it possible to optimize for different machining conditions
CoroCut® 2 is a cost-efficient solution for cutting depths where two-edged inserts can be used. CoroCut® QD and CoroCut® QF are the best choices for larger depths of cut and CoroCut® QI is recommended for face and internal grooving in small diameters.

Grade positioning


Main grades
  • GC1225: First choice grade for CoroCut. For all parting, grooving and turning operations under good conditions. Works well on low carbon and other smearing materials. Medium cutting speeds.
  • GC1135: For operations demanding toughness, such as parting off to centre and interrupted cuts. The same grade as 2135, renamed to follow CoroCut QD/QF/QI. Low to medium cutting speeds.
  • GC1145: For operations demanding extreme toughness such as interrupted cuts and parting off to centre on stainless steel. Low cutting speeds.
  • GC4425: Excellent combination of high wear resistance and good edge security. To be used in grooving, turning and parting off operations under stable conditions. Medium to high cutting speeds.
  • CT5015: A titanium-based grade with excellent resistance to oxidation and smearing. For high-quality surface finishes when grooving low-alloyed steels under fairly good conditions. Moderate cutting speeds and feeds.
  • GC3115: A highly wear-resistant grade for grooving and turning applications under stable conditions. Also effective in hard steels. High cutting speeds.
  • H13A: Good wear resistance and toughness combined with edge sharpness. To be used on non-ferrous and titanium materials.
  • S205: A wear-resistant CVD-coated grade for high-speed finishing in the cutting speed range between legacy carbide grades and CBN grades.

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