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Thomson Adds High-Speed Option to its High-Load Ball Screw Family

With a diameter of 50 mm and an exceptionally high lead of 100 mm, the new ball screw can support high travel speeds in applications requiring a dynamic load capacity of up to 202.4 kN.

Thomson Adds High-Speed Option to its High-Load Ball Screw Family

"The new high-speed version ball screw has a much higher lead, which increases the travel distance of the nut in one full rotation and, consequently, the travel speed. Even under extremely dynamic requirements, high loads can now be moved quickly to increase potential machine throughput and productivity," said Thomas Schwertner, Product Manager for Ball Screws at Thomson.

The new 50 x 100 mm ball screws can be used to optimise motion applications involving high-force lifting, pushing or pulling at high speeds, including:

  • Winding machines, which involve rapid, side-to-side movements to ensure tight winding of steel wire ropes, large cables or metal sheets.
  • Machine tools that require high-speed cutting processes.
  • Injection moulding and metalworking machines, in which ball screws move high loads over short strokes.
  • Metal pressing and forming applications, including rivet presses, servo presses, tube bending and metal sheet bending.
  • Punching machines, which can require high-speed movement.

Similar to the standard range of high-load ball screws from Thomson, the new size provides smooth, precise motion, and a longer life over a long travel distance. The new Thomson high-speed ball screws are available with either single or double nuts. Preloading is available as an option as is customisation to customer-specific applications. Lead accuracy is up to ±12 µm/300 mm.

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