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Calculate sheet metal parts faster

TRUMPF subsidiary Optimate expands it latest feature for cost calculation: A new export function will enable contract manufacturers and design departments in sheet metal processing to calculate parts even faster and more precisely with the help of detailed data.

Calculate sheet metal parts faster
Sheet metal parts become ‘transparent’: With the newly developed export function, App users receive the data of their parts at the push of a button and can thus calculate even faster and more precisely.

After introducing the ‘cost calculation’ feature in July 2023, the Stuttgart- based spin-off of the high-tech company TRUMPF is continuing to develop it further. ‘Our export function offers precise geometry analysis for sheet metal parts, which enables customization to individual customer processes,’ explains Optimate CEO Jonas Steiling. ‘Parts can now be calculated even faster and, above all, more individually thanks to the automated data export.’

Data transparency at the push of a button
Previously, sheet metal processors were forced to laboriously extract all data from part drawings manually. The export function now enables the part data to be output at the touch of a button and ensures optimized cost calcu- lation processes thanks to the data transparency.

In addition to the sheet thickness, scrap and outer contour length, the geometry analysis parameters can contain any other geometric information about a sheet metal part. ‘To ensure an optimal cost calculation, the cus- tomer maintains individual parameters such as material costs, machine hourly rates or feed rates in their analysis profile in advance,’ explains the Optimate Managing Director.

The Optimate cost calculation determines the price per part for different batch sizes. It takes into account various factors such as material and cutting costs as well as preparation and processing costs for cutting, bending and welding. The new development also gives users the option of linking their individual calculation formulas with the part data exported by Optimate.

Calculate sheet metal parts faster
Optimate CEO Jonas Steiling on the benefits for the design department: ‘With the extended export function, we also guarantee more efficient communication, both across departments and with the relevant manufacturing partners.’

‘At Optimate, we are experts in analyzing parts and can now combine this data with the specific process knowledge of our customers.’ This gives rise to new fields of application ranging from detailed cost calculation to digitized variant management and production forecasting.

Designers should also be pleased with the updates in the cloud solution: the additional information provides further indications on possible cost drivers within a part and delivers starting points for design optimization directly during product development. ‘With the extended export function, we also guarantee more efficient communication, both across departments and with the relevant manufacturing partners,’ summarizes Jonas Steiling.

The new function will be demonstrated for the first time at TRUMPF's in house trade fair INTECH from April 9-12, 2024 in Ditzingen.

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