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Xiris Launches XVC-310 'Lipstick' Camera for Orbital and Narrow-Gap Welds

Xiris Automation is pleased to announce that it has released the XVC-310, its newest High Dynamic Range (HDR) color weld camera.

Xiris Launches XVC-310 'Lipstick' Camera for Orbital and Narrow-Gap Welds
The XVC-310 “Lipstick” Camera for Orbital and Narrow Gap Welding

At only 17 mm in diameter, the camera has been designed to remotely monitor orbital or narrow-gap TIG welding processes. Offering a clear image of the torch tip, weld pool and weld bead, the camera enables better welding process control and defect detection to correct material inputs such as wire feed, gas flow, seam or torch alignment and power variations.

The camera can be configured with different optics to suit working distance and field of view setups and external lights to illuminate the work area when no weld is present.

The camera is supplied with Xiris’ WeldStudio software to perform camera controls, video display, playback and recording, graphical overlays, basic machine vision tasks and various data export options. The camera is CE, FCC and RoHS compliant.

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