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CERATIZIT’s new P-grade levels up metal sawing applications

CERATIZIT offers PCUT22 outstanding performance combined with state-of-the-art cutting quality thanks to an improved toughness-to-hardness ratio and high transverse rupture strength.

CERATIZIT’s new P-grade levels up metal sawing applications

Combine longer lifetime with a lower CO2 footprint
Ceratzit presented the new high-performance grade PCUT22. This P-grade was especially developed for increasing the lifetime of saw blades for metal cutting. PCUT22 is highly resistant to mechanical and thermal wear – even under difficult machining conditions.

High performance and low CO2 footprint
PCUT22 is the first development of our all-new P-grade family and offers sustainable solutions due to its remarkably lower CO2 footprint: Its Product Carbon Footprint is classified B whereas others in that field would be classified E or lower. In addition to the significantly longer lifetime in metal sawing applications compared to many of its competitors this new grade with a reliable and premium performance is offered at a reasonable value for money.

Cooperation with University of Stuttgart
Thanks to a close cooperation with the Institute of Machine Tools at the University of Stuttgart we refined our PCUT22: Within an application-oriented approach on a high-end sawing machine our partners at the IfW analyzed the grade and its properties – with impressive results compared to competing products on the market.

See the PCUT22  benefits on one glance
  • High performance with advanced shock resistance
  • Reduced product carbon footprint 
  • Excellent value for money

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