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The DVF 5000 Second Generation is a simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center designed to elevate productivity and machining capabilities to unprecedented heights.


Serving as the flagship 5-axis machining center for DN Solutions, the DVF 5000 facilitates the seamless machining of complex shapes and curved surfaces in a single setup. By addressing issues of time, cost, and quality inherent in repetitive setup processes, it streamlines operations while enhancing efficiency.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the DVF 5000 Second Generation raises the bar even higher. Equipped with an industry-leading cooling system and standard thermal displacement compensation, it ensures unparalleled precision, even during prolonged operation. Its robust bed structure enables precise machining of workpieces weighing up to 400 kg, empowering manufacturers to tackle diverse projects with ease. The integration of a built-in Auto Workpiece Changer (AWC) and round magazine facilitates a compact automation system, while various features such as the Auto kicking device enhance profitability for customers.

Productivity Enhanced with Astonishing Speed
With remarkable speed, the DVF 5000 Second Generation redefines productivity, boasting significantly faster X, Y, and Z-axis feed rates that double the speed of its predecessor, achieved through an acceleration and deceleration rate of 0.4g. Additionally, it showcases a 25% increase in B- and C-axis rotation speed, now at 25 r/min, alongside an impressive Tool to Tool (T.T.T) time of 1.3 seconds and a Chip to Chip (C.T.C) time of 3.8 seconds, making it 28% faster than its forerunner. This remarkable advancement positions the DVF 5000 Second Generation as the epitome of productivity in its class.

Moreover, the DVF 5000 Second Generation now comes standard with a 15000 r/min spindle, elevating its versatility and performance. Equipped with a high-rigidity high-speed spindle and a robust columnar structured table, it delivers impeccable surface finishes, facilitating the machining of a wide array of materials, from high-speed aluminum to challenging-to-cut metals like titanium, Inconel, and CoCr (Cobalt Chromium). Furthermore, opting for the built-in spindle capable of achieving speeds of up to 20000 r/min enhances precision machining capabilities, enabling fine surface finishing and intricate 5-axis contouring. Additionally, the inclusion of a high-torque spindle (max. 230Nm) enables the machining of exceptionally tough-to-cut materials, further expanding its capabilities.

Advanced Thermal Displacement and Precision Compensation
The DVF 5000 Second Generation showcases a meticulously engineered symmetrical structure, designed to thwart any deformation. To curtail heat generation within the rotation and feed axes, it integrates multiple cooling units strategically positioned in key drive locations, including the spindle, feed axis, and rotary table. Embracing a smart thermal displacement compensation function as standard, it guarantees impeccable precision even during prolonged machining sessions. Moreover, active sensors embedded within the spindle head, column, and bed diligently monitor thermal displacement throughout the machining process, automatically adjusting to minimize thermal expansion and distortion.

Elevating productivity and machining stability, the DVF 5000 Second Generation includes a high-speed servo magazine as a standard feature. With its high-rigidity and precision roller-type LM guideways, capable of accommodating a maximum load of 400kg, it ensures steadfast machining performance. The incorporation of a 0.0001-degree high-precision B- and C-axis rotation mechanism guarantees exceptional accuracy. For added precision, the optional IKC (Intelligent Kinematic Compensation) solution adeptly compensates for rotary axis center errors, mitigating deviations in workpiece shape with precision and finesse.

Upgraded Machining Flexibility
The DVF 5000 Second Generation presents expanded machining capabilities, providing greater flexibility with enlarged workpiece and clamping tool sizes. Featuring a table size of Ø630 x 450 mm and accommodating a maximum workpiece size of Ø600 x H500 mm, it boasts a remarkable 26% increase in table size and a substantial 32% expansion in maximum machining area. This enhancement opens doors to a wide spectrum of industries, catering to the needs of manufacturing diverse parts, from intricate, high-precision medical components to small and medium-sized parts vital to the automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor sectors.

Additionally, the DVF 5000's extended travel distances for the X, Y, and Z axes—now at 650 mm, 520 mm, and 480 mm respectively—represent a significant 20% increase. This expanded space allows seamless integration of automation units for material loading and unloading, further enhancing operational efficiency and versatility.

Compact Automation Solutions
Positioned as the prime choice for compact automation, the DVF 5000 sets the standard for streamlined automation capabilities. Elevating its automation prowess, the DVF 5000 2nd Generation features an easy-to-install and operate AWC, a round magazine system that enables 24/7/365 unmanned operation, accommodating up to 40 workpieces. Notably, the AWC unit seamlessly integrates with the previous generation, ensuring compatibility and ease of transition.

Enhanced Operator Convenience Features
The DVF 5000 Second Generation offers users the flexibility to select and apply NCs from FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, and SIEMENS, each equipped with cutting-edge NC technology. It boasts accelerated data and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) processing speeds, spanning from programming and program verification to machine setup and actual machining. Notably, FANUC NCs stand out with their collision prevention system (CPS), which actively monitors internal materials, tools, and axis feed units in real time to avert potential collisions and prevent damage.

Moreover, the machine enhances operator accessibility with the relocation of the magazine window for tool setup to the front, streamlining access. An auto kicking device has been incorporated to facilitate seamless tool changes, while the reduced distance between the operator and the table center simplifies workpiece setup. Improvements in chip handling are achieved through the installation of six flood coolant nozzles on the spindle's front, aiding cooling and chip removal during machining, alongside a flushing nozzle on the machine bed to minimize chip accumulation. As a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability, the DVF 5000 Second Generation features grease lubrication as a standard feature, reducing oil consumption and rendering it a more eco-friendly machining center.


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