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Walter now offers tried-and-tested J-profile tools for almost all requirements and dimensions in its standard range.

Walter is expanding its existing portfolio for J profiles with extensive new dimensions for the Paradur® Ti Plus and Paradur® Ni 10 blind-hole taps, for the Prototex® TiNi Plus for through-hole threads as well as the new TC630 Supreme thread milling cutter. Users can now obtain practically any thread size in the standard range in the profiles MJ, UNJC and UNJF.

Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, threads with the J profile are preferred in the aerospace sector (e.g. for engine components) since this involves difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium (on the "cold side" of the engine) or nickel-based alloys (on the "hot side"). The tried-and-tested Walter tool families have been specially specified for these exacting requirements – for example with appropriate coatings or helix angle geometries.

All four tools have an extremely stable design and guarantee high process reliability in difficult-to-machine materials. The Paradur® Ti Plus for titanium machining is impressive due to stable cutting edges and its highly wear-resistant, titanium-free ACN hard coating that prevents the formation of built-up edges. It also enables a very long tool edge life and excellent thread quality.

Paradur® Ni 10 for nickel-based alloys is particularly suitable for both cost-effective and reliable machining of difficult materials such as Inconel 718. Prototex® TiNi Plus is ideal for the universal machining of challenging titanium and nickel alloys with one tool; whereby the newly added TC630 Supreme orbital thread milling cutters are specially designed for components made of stainless steels and high-tensile materials such as titanium or Inconel with the highest demands on process reliability. They are therefore impressive – even in unfavourable conditions – thanks to their versatility in practically any material. Overall, Walter offers its customers one of the most comprehensive ranges for J profiles.

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