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Stainless Steel Separation When Recycling UPVC Windows

353,000 tonnes of window profiles and related products got recycled in 2020 (source Recovinyl). Although there was a slight fall in the total amount of PVC recycled in 2020 (due to the Covid-19 pandemic), the UK and Ireland recycle the second highest tonnage in Europe behind Germany.

Addup News

AddUp will help bring metal 3D printing to space

AddUp is part of the ambitious “Metal3D” project, which pur- pose is to create a 3D printer that will produce the first me- tal parts in space. This project is led by the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus Defense and Space, and other industrial and academic partners such as Highftech Engineering and Cranfield University.


Machine Basics: Starting Up Your Machine Before Grinding

This training video discusses things to look out for before the machine is switched on, including the air preparation unit, lubrication unit and any potential trip hazards around the machine. Once the machine is ready to be powered up, they go through the processes of homing all axes both manually and automatically, jogging the axes and setting up a warm-up cycle.

BCN3D News

Introducing autocalibration for our 3D printers, the arrival of the Metal Pack, and the release of new PET CF15

The new year brings our next three releases that have been carefully contrived to boost your 3D printing in numerous areas. Autocalibration brings a faster, foolproof calibration process. The BCN3D Metal Pack is now available for purchase, enabling you to create stainless steel parts in a 3 step process.

Fives News

Fives Landis and AddUp, working together to design and 3D print a custom coolant nozzle - Fives Group

The custom nozzle design allows the flow position and shape to precisely match the challenging wheel geometry with less components in the assembly, while also providing optimum flow to the metal cutting zone in the grinding machine. This increases the machines performance and optimizes the grind cycle.


ANCA launches its own television show - the ANCA Academy

Learn how to set up a collet adaptor, a fundamental skill that all operators need to grind accurate tools and maintain stability of batch grinding.

Open Mind News

OPEN MIND has upgraded its hyperMILL® CAM software for machine- and controller-independent NC programming

These include optimizations for hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining, enhancements to the 5-axis strategies for better results in terms of surface quality, new options for 2D functionalities, as well as efficient innovations in the area of electrode manufacturing that deliver even more convenient and faster programming.


Measuring complex sintered components


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