DN Solutions News

New XG models for grinding SiC, quartz and ceramic materials

DN Solutions has launched the XG 600 Upgrade and the XG 800, which feature a maximum machining diameter of 600mm/800mm and a grinding spindle with a maximum speed of 5000 r/min, making them ideal for machining quartz and ceramic materials. The new models are designed to grind parts made with SiC, ceramic, and quartz that are necessary to produce semiconductor wafers.

Nicolás Correa News


Correa Group will be exhibiting the newly designed FENIX milling machine and the company’s recently patented innovative boring head at the BIEMH 2022.


Extremely reliable and accurate gap control solutions

Do you strive for increased productivity, lowered material consumption and quality improvement? Leine Lindes gap control solutions are easily integrated in steel mills and other metal processing industries. We offer extremely reliable and accurate gap control, to assure both the quality of the end product and the lowest possible material consumption.

Xiris News

Introducing Xiris WeldStudio 3 and WeldStudio 3 Pro

Weld monitoring of a process using a weld camera system can help verify that the best quality welds are being achieved. An important part of effective monitoring of a weld process is to use software that controls the cameras, enables recording and playback, and provides the ability to extract information about the weld image for analysis.


On the Ball with Hip Implants

The ANCA machine process for femoral ball grinding, developed together with grinding wheel manufacturer Tyrolit, delivers quality and consistency in the finished femoral ball, using specialized machine control and application technology on the market-leading MX7 Linear CNC grinding machine.


Marlor Tooling Invests in ANCA MX7

Located in Peterborough, England, Marlor Tooling has been designing and manufacturing cutting tools for more than 20 years. The cutting tool manufacturer specializes in delivering innovative solutions for the aerospace, automotive, energy, woodworking and general subcontract markets.

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