Kammerer gewinde News

Kammerer ball screw drives improve precision and speed

German manufacturer Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH has developed ball screw drives with cooled nut for use in machine tools. The cooled nut makes it easier to cool the ball screw drive. This improves the precision and prolongs the service life of the ball screw drives permanently and enables machine tools to work at greater speeds and with greater precision.

Huco News

Modified couplings prove their worth in diamond polishing machine

When a UK diamond toolmaking machine manufacturer needed a custom coupling for use on its line of new extreme material finishing machines, it turned to Huco for a precision solution.

Tungaloy News

Tungaloy Further Enhances Reliability of TungMeister Exchangeable Milling Heads

Tungaloy has expanded its TungMeister head-exchangeable end mill series with AH715 and AH735 insert grades, enhancing the series’ slot, square shoulder, and chamfer milling capabilities with increased wear resistance and fracture toughness.

Cojali News


As we have demonstrated in previous posts, the shaft of an electromagnetic viscous clutch is responsible for withstanding the control coil and the clutch frame where the fan is assembled, as well as connecting both the clutch and the vehicle. That is why the manufacturing tolerances of this component are very low.

Tungaloy News

Tungaloy’s T-CBN Gives New Angles to Hard Turning

Tungaloy has introduced two new insert shapes to its T-CBN series for turning hardened steel parts: YNGA insert with 25° nose angle and FNGA with 45° nose angle.

Tungaloy News

Tungaloy’s MiniForce-Turn Offers M-Class Tolerance Inserts

Tungaloy has expanded its innovative MiniForce-Turn turning tool series by adding M-class tolerance inserts to the insert line for manufacturers seeking to increase productivity and profitability in Swiss-type machining.

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