Ceramtec News

Ceramic piezo materials key for highpower ultrasonic applications

From producing medical protection masks to cleaning baths for eyeglasses – power converters made of advanced piezoceramic materials are the hidden driving forces in a wide range of applications.

Rockwell Automation News

Rockwell Automation Simplifies Installation and Troubleshooting with Smart Guard Locking Switch

New Allen-Bradley 440G-MZ Guard Locking Switches from Rockwell Automation simplify installation and troubleshooting with no reduction in safety integrity. The smart safety solutions use GuardLink technology, a safety-based communications protocol that provides access to diagnostic information and eases integration into a Connected Enterprise.

Renishaw News

Floating steel encoder scales for SMT

Position encoders with linear scales have wide-ranging applications in front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturing processes. This application note discusses surface mount technology (SMT) applications and presents an example of where linear steel scale (installed to be thermally independent of its mounting substrate) may be preferable to the currently widely used, but expensive, near-zero thermal expansion scales.



It takes a maximum of 60 seconds until a conventional 3-jaw chuck with SCHUNK RAPIDO clamping inserts is retooled. For granting such a speedy jaw change, the RAPIDO clamping inserts must be put onto the base or intermediate jaws and moved backwards until they snap in. The exchange can be done manually or in case of lathe chucks with integrated base jaws, it can be done fully automatic with a robot.

Dormer Pramet News

Delivering true 90° shoulder milling

We have expanded our offer for true 90° shoulder milling in various materials.

Nicolás Correa News


All large Correa milling machines are designed and assembled at Nicolás Correa’s main facilities in Burgos (Spain).

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