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A growing Force in solid carbide drills

Dormer Pramet has extended its Force program of solid carbide drills with a specific range for stainless steel applications.

The Force M assortment of drills provide a high level of productivity consistently across a diverse variety of machines and conditions. This makes them ideal for general engineering and sub-contract environments.

Their introduction within the company’s Dormer range, follows the recent launch of the Force X drilling family for use in a wide range of materials.

All the Force program of drills feature a modified four-facet split point geometry, to enhance self-centering and hole-quality. Also, this improves chip formation, tool strength and wear‐resistance.

A unique feature of the Force drills is their Continuously Thinned Web (CTW) technology flute construction. This offers a very strong web design, while at the same time reducing thrust forces during drilling. Combined with the drills’ consistent edge preparation, which provides predictable wear, CTW supports a highly consistent and reliable drilling process.

Each drill in the Force range is manufactured from premium micro-grain carbide to provide an excellent combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high wear resistance and longer tool life.

A strong corner design increases stability and reduces the forces encountered during breakthrough when exiting the surface, in both general drilling and cross-hole applications.

Supporting drilling depths of 3xD (R467) and 5xD (R463), the Force M drills feature internal coolant delivery in sizes from 3mm to 16mm and 1/8 to 5/8 inch.

For more information about the Force family of solid carbide drills, contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office. Alternatively, watch the Force M drills in action or download the new Force brochure by visiting


Pictured (R467 Force M side angle): The Force M drills are for stainless steel applications.
Pictured (R467 Force M front angle): Dormer Pramet’s R467 Force M drill.
Pictured (Force X and Force M): The Force X range is for use in a wide range of materials and the Force M is for stainless steel applications.
Pictured (Force range of drills): Dormer Pramet’s Force range of solid carbide drills.

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