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Nicolás Correa and Catoire-Semi celebrate twenty years of partnership

Correa milling machines’ robustness, precision and the quality of after-sales service made a difference for this enterprise.

Nicolás Correa and Catoire-Semi celebrate twenty years of partnership

Since 2.000, when Catoire-Semi acquired the first Correa machine, this family company from France has trusted in the Spanish manufacturer as main supplier. Nowadays, it has twelve machines in its workshop, nine of them are from the Correa brand, used for the machining of large parts.

The Correa machines offer a great rigidity and precision, which is an essential requirement for hard roughing works with materials like Inconel and titanium, used in the aeronautical sector. This sector means for Catoire two thirds of its turnover, and the remaining business is completed with the automotive sector. In both of them they manufacture forging dies and foundry moulds as well as pre-machined forges for aeronautics.

The last machine arrived to Catoire, the FOX, is a milling machine with Y travel 4250 mm and X travel 6000 mm. It is equipped with 2 milling heads with automatic head changer: UAD head and E5E head, 2 axes contouring head with 20000 rpm. Both milling heads are the perfect combination for high roughing and finishing performance and accurate machining meeting Catoire needs. In addition to that, a close and top class After-Sales service, have built this long-term relationship.

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