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Tungaloy’s DoFeed Includes AH3225 Grade Inserts for High Feed Milling of Steel

Tungaloy is expanding its DoFeed line of high feed milling cutters to include AH3225 grade inserts.

Tungaloy’s DoFeed Includes AH3225 Grade Inserts for High Feed Milling of Steel

DoFeed is a high feed milling cutter series with a close-pitched insert alignment, addressing various application needs where an efficient removal of large stock is required.

AH3225 is Tungaloy’s latest development of the first-choice grade for steel machining. The grade has a nano-multilayer PVD coating consisting of three distinctive layers. This coating configuration adds multifunctional characteristics to the grade, including wear and fracture resistance, as well as eliminating built-up edge and delamination.

A tough carbide substrate with enhanced thermal shock properties can prevent the catastrophic insert failure induced by severe thermal stress. In addition, AH3225 eliminates unwanted abnormal wear modes such as coating delamination and micro edge-chipping, which takes place at the very initial moments of the cutting, while impeding the progression of normal flank wear, providing all characteristics required for the grade to enable long and predictable tool life in steel milling operations.

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