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Sheet metal processing: Checking feasibility, recognizing potential

Optimate GmbH presents its App of the same name at the EuroBLECH in a new design and with ex- tended functionalities. For the first time, the new version of the Op- timate App will be introduced to a broad professional audience in Hanover.

Sheet metal processing: Checking feasibility, recognizing potential
Jonas Steiling, CEO of Optimate GmbH: “Previously separate, our new App is both a starting point for feasibility analysis and potential recognition. The anchor point is always the uploaded part, giving the user a better overview.”

At booth B70 / B94 in Hall 11 (at TRUMPF), visitors will have the opportunity to experience its many benefits for them- selves.

Optimate will be playing a decisive role in the digitalization process re- lating to Industry 4.0 in the future. In addition to feasibility analysis, the digital features of the cloud-based Optimate App for sheet metal pro- cessing also feature powerful, AI-based potential recognition – and op- tionally offer automated part optimization with integrated redesign.

“If all you need is the feasibility analysis to detect and eliminate design warn- ings, our basic package is entirely sufficient,” says Optimate CEO Jonas Steiling, who understands this issue from in-depth practical experience. Following the design warning analysis, the designer can improve the bending part to such an extent that it can also be finished on the bending machines.

Sheet metal processing: Checking feasibility, recognizing potential
Optimate will present its new App for feasibility analysis and potential recogni- tion at the EuroBLECH show at the TRUMPF booth B70 / B94 in Hall 11.

The potential for the bending part is already displayed and described to the user in the App. The potential recognition shows whether a part can be optimized and, if so, to what degree: optimizable or highly optimizable. Here, the user can decide whether they want to exploit this potential. In the future, one click will take them to the App upgrade with integrated and automated part optimization. “In the case of highly optimizable sheet metal parts with a potential cost saving of up to 40 percent, it may be worth taking a closer look and thinking about an upgrade,” “Depending on the batch size, it may be possible to benefit from huge cost savings, for example by reducing material or even eliminating entire work steps,” 
explains Jonas Steiling.

Sheet metal processing: Checking feasibility, recognizing potential
The uploaded sheet metal part is always the focal point of the App. At each subsequent step, users can transparently track their part.

To make it easier for users to get started, the App has been made even more user-friendly. It can now be accessed via a direct upload. Whereas feasibility analysis and part optimization could be selected separately in the previous App, they have now been merged. The first step is to upload a part, which is then analyzed in real time. The result is a display of de- sign warnings and optimization potential. In the App, the entire Optimate expertise from the sheet metal working industry is available to users in a way that is easily accessible.

Sheet metal processing: Checking feasibility, recognizing potential
Optimate CEO Jonas Steiling holds a sheet metal angle for which the App had detected up to 40% optimization potential. (Below: left as originally planned with stabi- lization welds, right without welding and with a relief cut on the back wall).

“We are planning extensive live demos at our booth at the EuroBLECH and are looking forward to welcoming visitors and to many compelling discussions about the new functions of our Optimate App.”

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