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Precision, perfected: The unseen power of WDS Components’ new milling machine

As a key part to its ongoing commitment to grow its production capabilities and continue providing its customers with unmatched service, WDS Components has integrated a new 4-axis milling machine into its workshop. This isn’t just a step; it’s a leap towards ensuring the faster, more precise production of standard and bespoke components.

Precision, perfected: The unseen power of WDS Components’ new milling machine

The new milling machine has already made a significant impact in the workshop at WDS Components. Its robust construction allows for the precision milling of materials such aluminium, steel, stainless steel and cast iron, in sizes up to 1100 mm by 610 mm and up to a weight of 1,500 kg. This ensures that each component is not only precise but also has a smooth finish, reducing the need for subsequent finishing processes.

Fully programmable via its industry standard CNC unit, the machine operates autonomously with unparalleled accuracy, eliminating the need for constant operator intervention. This has enabled WDS Components to optimise its workshop team’s tasks and further enhance production efficiency.

Key facts:

  • Spindle speeds ranging from 5 to 10,000 rpm, allowing for optimisation of the milling process for various materials, ensuring a clean cut while also maximising tool life.
  • Rapid feed rates up to 24 m/min, contributing to reduced lead times and more competitive prices for its customers.
  • A 30-station arm-type tool changer with a tool change time of just 2 seconds, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

The ± 5 micron positional accuracy and ± 2 micron repeatability ensure that every part for every customer will be dimensionally accurate. In manufacturing, time is of the essence. The features of this new milling machine safeguards that WDS Components can produce parts at a pace that allows it to offer reduced lead times.

This is more than just an investment; it’s a testament to WDS Components’ commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering excellence. Our continued investment into our manufacturing process demonstrates the ongoing support and long-term vision for British Manufacturing. WDS Components is committed to producing what the customer needs, when they need it.

By integrating this advanced milling machine into its operations, WDS Components are not only enhancing its in-house capabilities but are also setting a new standard for quality and efficiency. This underscores our unwavering dedication to meeting customer needs, both in terms of the extensive range of products available and the speed at which they can be produced.

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