Shop shines at the submicron level with laser machining

For the production of its small parts, the US job shop Sunlight-Tech requires extremely precise laser micromachining and micro-milling – the ideal tasks for its Microlution ML-5 and ML 5100 from GF Machining Solutions.

Sandvik Coromant News


​​With a complete tapping programme covering all thread profiles and material groups, Sandvik Coromant offers two tapping ranges: optimized for ISO-specific materials and optimized for flexibility.


Perfect finish due to automated surface machining

Surfaces are machined by grinding and polishing. With coarse material removal as a post-processing operation, for further machining, or fine machining, sensitivity and precise readjustment are required to achieve the perfect workpiece finish.

Siemens News

Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens cooperate on digital transformation for die casting

To support their goal of manufacturing quality parts, Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens have cooperated to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict product abnormalities in aluminum die casting, a key process in automotive air conditioning compressor production.

Klauke News

With Klauke you're on the safe side

Safety is one of the most important aspects in all areas of life.

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