Walter Tools News

Universal eXcellence in milling

Walter Xill·tec combines performance with wide applicability.

Renishaw News

Alignment laser accelerates machine tool assembly checks

The ultimate accuracy and reliability of a machine tool depends in no small degree on the alignment checking during its assembly. For machine tools produced in high volumes, the efficiency of the alignment checking process is paramount. Seeking an alternative to traditional error measurement techniques, Hurco Manufacturing Ltd. (Hurco) chose Renishaw’s XK10 alignment laser system to increase both precision and throughput.

Huco News

Modified precision couplings key to oil viscosity measuring instrument

Modern automotive engines run at increasingly higher speeds and temperatures, placing ever greater demands on lubricant performance. With lubricant formulators aware of the limitations of existing viscometry technologies, a tribology test equipment specialist set out to design a new breed of instrument. And when it needed a high-performance coupling as part of the design that could reach speeds of 20,000 rpm, it turned to Huco.

DMG News

Future-oriented manufacturing solutions for the Chinese market

At this year's CIMT in Beijing, DMG MORI will be presenting holistic automation solutions, technology excellence and sustainable digitization of machine tool manufacturing, as well as two China premieres from a total of nine exhibits.


Electrification in the Automotive Industry

Public awareness of global warming, together with a pressing concern to create and maintain a clean environment, has led to a series of legislations worldwide that is forcing automakers to decrease CO2 emissions.

Sandvik Coromant News

Fixing what isn’t broke

Why manufacturers should embrace a new generation of tooling solutions.

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