Compressed air management, waste heat recovery, and energy-efficient machines – Brand Metallbau has optimized its energy efficiency and thus reduced its power consumption by half. With the nitrogen generator for laser cutting offers Bystronic a solution for in-house production.

SIC Marking

Record working dimensions for the new XXL-Box

"After the huge success of the L-BOX and XL-BOX, our compact marking stations, we have been asked on numerous occasions to offer a larger workspace in order to be able to mark large parts". These are the words of Eric B. Marketing and Sales Director at SIC MARKING, world leader in industrial traceability, to justify the launch of the new XXL-BOX Laser Marking Station.


Effective tool change cleverly designed with inductive miniature sensors

In modern processing centers, inductive sensors are the components of choice for monitoring the motor spindle clamping process. Integrated into the spindle, they must be exceptionally small and offer high repeatability to ensure smooth tool changing at all times. Baumer offers a high-performance portfolio of miniature sensors for the intelligent design of effective spindle solutions. This can either involve a classic design with three switching sensors or a smart design with one measurement sensor.


Efficient machining of titanium

Horn is optimising its DS milling system to enable productive, cost-effective machining of titanium and titanium alloys.

Gleason News

Gear Trainer Webinars Now Streaming!

Gleason’s highly popular “Home Trainer“ Webinar Series are now called “Gear Trainer Webinars”; available for online viewing via the Gleason website.

IDTechEx News

9 Quiet Materials Science Start-Ups Ready to Change Metal Additive Manufacturing

The metal additive manufacturing market will be negatively impacted by the 2020 pandemic. Despite this short-to-mid-term setback, the industry is forecast to rise and exceed $10Bn within the next 10-years. The emerging and established printer players grab nearly all of the headlines, but most of this forecast annual revenue will be in material sales in which there is great untapped potential.

Tungaloy News

Tungaloy’s Y-Pro Offers AH8015 Insert Grade for Efficient Profiling of HRSAs

Tungaloy has added AH8015 insert grade to its popular Y-Pro series turning inserts with two 25° corners to enhance its ability of machining heat resistant superalloys (HRSAs), as well as various grades of steel and stainless steel.

Mastercam News

Mastercam Announces New 5X Mill Post Processors for the SINUMERIK 840D / SINUMERIK ONE Control

CNC Software, Inc., producers of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, announced new 5-axis milling post processors that will unleash the highest productivity on SINUMERIK-controlled machine tools. These new post processors were developed utilizing the technical expertise of Siemens CNC engineers.

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