Schmalz News

Automated scoring equipment with an integrated robot solution for loading and unloading

In order to separate, printed-circuit boards are first scored and then any uneven or rough surfaces are milled. For this purpose, LHMT GmbH develops highly specialized tools that fully automate not only the actual scoring and milling process, but also the loading and unloading of the sensitive circuit boards. For safe, gentle handling of these parts, LHMT turned to J. Schmalz GmbH. Schmalz was able to implement a reliable gripper solution thanks, in part, to their new NBR ESD suction cups.

Comau News

An award for innovation to 4D Hybrid project of which Comau is a partner

An innovative autonomous robot that can detect and repair vertical metal surfaces, including in offshore environments: this is the first important result of the 4D Hybrid EU project, in which Comau is one of the partners, that recently was awarded the Overall Grand Prix of the Innovation Radar Prize 2019.

Seco Tools

Seco Tools Expands CW100 Ceramic Insert Family for Secure Superalloy Machining

For manufacturers seeking solutions to unpredictable tool life and slow rough-machining speeds when working with heat-resistant superalloys (HRSA), Seco Tools has expanded its line of highly productive Secomax CW100 ceramic insert grades. Featuring new whisker-reinforced geometries, this round line of ceramic solutions offers superior performance for challenging aerospace and power generation applications involving Inconel 718, Hastalloy, Waspaloy, MAR, Nimonic, Rene, Udimet and other HRSAs.



Paul Horn GmbH offers additively manufactured coolant discs to suit customer requirements, facilitating reliable chip control during high-performance reaming.

Cognex Germany Inc

Deep learning + machine vision = the next-gen inspection

Combining machine vision and deep learning will give companies a powerful mean on both operational and ROI axles. So, catching the differences between traditional machine vision and deep learning, and understanding how these technologies complement each other – rather than compete or replace – are essential to maximizing investments. This article helps clarifying.


Hexagon transforms thickness measurement on machine tools

An innovative ultrasonic touch probe from Hexagon for measuring thickness directly on the machine tool significantly reduces inspection times and enhances data capture.


Introducing the KOR™ 5: The King of Roughing

Secure, strong, and extremely fast, the KOR 5 from Kennametal takes aluminum roughing for aerospace to an entirely new level

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