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Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021

Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announces its participation and showcase of the company’s wide array of plasma cutting solutions at the 25th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair from 16-19 June 2021.

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021

Featured Solutions

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021
SureCut smart cutting technology
The SureCut suite of technologies is designed to support companies in navigating the competitive business environment. Fully digital and automated, SureCut offers operators an enhanced set of parameters that will meet their production specifications and provide outstanding cutting performance.

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021
Robotic bevel cutting
Robotic plasma cutting can increase beveling efficiency, enhance the surface quality of parts, reduce the intensity of labor, and improve the work environment substantially. Hypertherm has designed robot-specific cable kits and torches for each of its XPR®, HyPerformance®, and Powermax® plasma cutting systems, providing greater flexibility while effectively resisting high temperatures and dross during cutting.

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021
Track bevel cutting
By automating cutting and gouging processes with a portable track burner, operators working on 12 mm low-carbon steel can achieve cutting speeds that are 4 times faster than flame cutting. In addition, the plasma setup is faster and easier, has a smaller overall footprint, and results in a more uniform cut or gouge and a smoother cut edge so significantly less grinding is required.

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021
Plasma hand-held gouging
Hypertherm’s Powermax systems offer multiple gouging consumable options to choose from, based on the required gouging results and operator preference. With a bit of practice, operators can achieve smooth, clean, and consistent gouging. Compared to other processes (e.g., carbon arc gouging), plasma gouging can reduce the level of noise and the amount of debris generated in the work environment.

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021

Meet Hypertherm at Beijing Essen Fair 2021
Specialty hand-held cutting solutions
Hypertherm’s Powermax air plasma cutting systems feature a variety of specialized torches and consumables — such as Duramax® Hyamp long torches, HyAccess extended consumables, and FlushCut consumables — to make hand-held cutting even more versatile.

Remote ‘Live’ Cutting Demonstration
Apart from the plasma systems on display at the Hypertherm booth, visitors will also have the opportunity to witness the capabilities and superb cut quality of Hypertherm’s plasma systems in action via a remote ‘live’ broadcast from the Hypertherm Singapore cutting technology centre.

Date: 16-19 June 2021
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Pudong)
Booth: W1274, Hall W1

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