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Sandvik provides Secure and high-quality aluminum threading

The next-generation CoroTap® 100 and CoroTap® 400 are optimized and developed for aluminum machining to deliver high-quality threads at a low cost per part.

Sandvik provides Secure and high-quality aluminum threading

Threading is often the last operation in a component, and the last thing manufacturers want is for the tap to break. That is why process security and predictable tool life are of the utmost importance when it comes to tapping. The next-generation CoroTap 100 and CoroTap 400, with optimized performance in aluminum, can meet very strict process security demands and offer a high level of reliability and consistent tool life.

The CoroTap 100 straight flute tap features refined edge rounding that helps to remove burrs and improve surface finish. The combination of core thickness, rake/relief angles and land width ensure optimal flute geometry with excellent chip evacuation. The back chamfer helps to improve the threading capacity when threading deep holes.

The CoroTap 400 forming tap has an optimized lobe shape developed for aluminum machining and a low friction-coefficient surface treatment for a smooth and polished thread surface finish. With a reduced thread length, the tap is less in contact with the material, reducing power consumption and torque. Finally, staggered coolant holes offer excellent coolant flow into the thread-forming zone and a safe forming process.

In a production process, tapping can be a bottleneck, and increased productivity is often a demand. For example, a typical aluminum cylinder block can have up to 12 different threads in its structure, and tapping is the most time-consuming process. With the new straight flute tap and forming tap, manufacturers can increase productivity and reduce cost per part.

“Both geometries are combined with the latest surface treatments, substrates and coatings, which offer the possibility to use higher cutting data with significantly improved tool life, leading to a reduction in your cost per part,”
says Robert Smith, Offer Manager for Hole Making and Composites at Sandvik Coromant.

Both taps can be used for blind and through holes in many different components, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, electric motor housings, transmission housings and battery racks.

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