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Walter presents the DC166 Supreme with innovative new thinner web

With their new DC166 Supreme, premium tool manufacturers Walter have demonstrated just how special a standard drill can be.

Walter presents the DC166 Supreme with innovative new thinner web

The solid carbide drill with internal coolant has been specially developed for machining aluminium and other ISO N materials, which is why it boasts certain distinctive features: All the key surfaces on the drill, such as flutes, lands or clearance angles, are polished. This reduces the friction and prevents adhesions in the highly adhesive material, which in turn increases the tool life and the process reliability of the drill. The highly innovative, patent-pending thinner web of the DC166 Supreme is like nothing else on the market: It prevents the edge from building up and improves the chip removal and the supply of cooling lubricant.

Walter presents the DC166 Supreme with innovative new thinner web

The aluminium specialists' innovative design facilitates exceptionally high cutting speeds in conjunction with excellent drilling quality – especially in terms of the roundness of the hole and the surface quality. Walter is launching the DC166 Supreme, which can be used with emulsion, oil or minimum quantity lubrication (MMS), in 5 × D, with a diameter of 3–12 mm. By having it available as standard, the Tübingen-based company is able to quickly show the drill's performance in action to potential users. At the same time, however, Walter also offers the drill as a special tool (up to 30 × D; dia. 3–20 mm) via the Walter Xpress Service with a shorter delivery time of maximum two weeks. The DC166 Supreme is of interest for all areas of application dealing with ISO N materials, especially the automotive sector and supply industry, and aircraft construction.

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