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Walter Tiger·tec® Gold grades WSM13G, WSM23G, WSM33G and WSM43G

With the new grades WSM13G, WSM23G, WSM33G and WSM43G, Walter is not only expanding its Tiger·tec Gold range for grooving applications, but also making it suitable for universal use: from grooving and parting off to groove turning – in virtually every material.
Walter Tiger·tec® Gold grades WSM13G, WSM23G, WSM33G and WSM43G

The multi-layer Tiger·tec® Gold PVD coating of the inserts was specially developed for the main types of wear that occur when grooving. What makes them so special is the combined TiAlN and TiSiN multi-layer coating, which makes the layers very hard and resistant against both flank face wear and plastic deformation. This is complemented by a special post-treatment process which ensures smooth rake faces, less friction and improved toughness. Walter is offering the grades in four versions with different levels of hardness or toughness. The WSM33G universal grade is suitable for 80% of grooving applications in steel and stainless or heat-resistant alloys.

If the level of wear is too high, users can choose from two harder grades for ISO M, S and P materials: The WSM13G is suitable for finishing and medium machining with uninterrupted cuts. The WSM23G is suitable for stable conditions, high cutting speeds and when oil is used as the cooling lubricant. For highly heat-resistant materials, such as Inconel 718, the WSM13G achieves maximum tool life in combination with 150 bar precision cooling. If a tougher grade is needed, the WSM43G for interrupted cuts, low cutting speeds or unstable conditions is the ideal choice. Walter is offering the grades for all its grooving systems: As a single-edged SX insert with positive engagement and self-clamping system, as a four-edged MX cutting insert with tangential clamping and dowel pin location and as a double-edged DX18 with positive engagement in the insert seat (from an insert width of 1 mm). All three offer outstanding friction and wear protection characteristics – thanks to the patent-pending TiSiN/TiAlN multi-layer coating – and excellent wear detection due to the gold-coloured TiSiN top layer.

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