NIDEC Control Techniques


Control Techniques, part of the Nidec group of companies, has announced the return of its Commander family of drives.

Seco Tools

New Grade of Seco End Mills Boosts Tool Life for Difficult Materials

New Jabro®-Solid2 JS750 end mills from Seco boost tool life by 25 percent to 40 percent compared to previous tool technology. As counterparts to the company’s industry-leading JS500 series, the new JS754 and JS755 tools provide cost-effective high performance designed specifically for processing challenging materials typically found in the aerospace sector, including ISO M (stainless steel) and S (heat-resistant super alloys and titanium).

Seco Tools

Seco Expands Productivity With New Larger Inserts for High-Feed Milling

Seco Tools introduces new larger LP09 inserts designed to boost productivity and process security with the company's High Feed 2™ cutter bodies. The new inserts are designed for high-feed milling operations including face, helical interpolation, slotting, side milling, pocketing and plunging, in challenging workpieces such as the sticky materials often found in the mould and die, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.

Seco Tools

Seco Further Expands Extensive Line of PCBN Inserts

Seco Tools added a new grade format and several new geometries to its already expansive line of PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) inserts. These additions enhance hard turning operations, broaden the extremely tough Seco CH3515 insert grade and introduce a new solid CBN150 insert grade, special long and short wiper geometries and laser-etched chipbreakers.

Seco Tools

Seco Deepens Turning Capabilities with Steadyline® Tooling Additions

Seco Tools expands its long-reach turning and boring capabilities with additions to its well-known series of Steadyline® vibration-damping turning/boring bars and their respective heads. These new products include 25 mm (1.00") diameter Steadyline® bars, GL25 turning heads, 100 mm (4.00") diameter Steadyline® bars, and additions to the range of rough and fine boring heads for Steadyline® bars.

Seco Tools

Seco Jabro®-Mini JM500 Delivers Visible Improvements for Micromachining

With the Seco Jabro®-Mini JM500 line of more than 180 micro end mill products, production facilities effectively and reliably machine small and nano-sized parts that are often too small for the machining operation to be easy to see. The end mills ensure process control along with predictable cutting-tool performance for these challenging micro applications, typically found in demanding industries such as aerospace, medical and 3C (computers, consumer electronics, communications).

Seco Tools

Realities of Today’s Manufacturing Production Economics

Machine shops seek to produce a certain number of parts of a certain quality, in a certain amount of time, at a certain cost. Consistently achieving those goals involves controlling a myriad of factors including cutting parameters, tool cost and changeover times, machine tool utilization, workpiece handling expense and material and labor costs.

Seco Tools

Seco Innovates Jetstream Tooling for ISO Turning Operations

Seco has expanded its industry-leading Jetstream Tooling® solutions with new toolholders, coolant clamps and shank adapters that together optimize turning operations. The ISO turning toolholders feature coolant clamps with Seco’s JETI (Jetstream Integrated) technology, as do the VDI machine-side shank adapters. The JETI technology keeps machines up and running while effectively controlling chips and heat generation.

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